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What a lovely discovery on a Sunday afternoon. Young Australian Singer-Songwriter James Chatburn has an incredible voice which reminds (especially in this track) me of John Legend. Nevertheless, his neo-soul influence by artists like Chet Faker or SOHN can be heard as well, even though you should check out his newest track “Wait for the People” to get my point.
Enjoy it!

—Left Hand Free

What a splendid start into this week - Alt-J reveal the second track from their forthcoming album. And what a surprise, the sound of “Left Hand Free” is completely different to the first track they put out. The somehow post-rockish hit is nevertheless one to listen to and shows the creativity of this band!

Yes indeed, Chet Faker is the one act you can hear everywhere. The smart move to have a massive Remix EP put out only a few weeks after his amazing album pays out for sure. Next piece of gold is this incredible Rework of his song Gold by well-known, Australian hit machine Flume.

—Hunger Of The Pine

Well yeah, the obvious choice these days is definitely “that triangle band” better known as Alt-J. Nearly every magazine spread the news about their forthcoming album which will be out around September and yes, this is fair enough as their new track is a nicely put first listen.
Though, I’d say the best thing about it that they secretly sampled Miley Cyrus and still managed to create a hit - well done boys.

RY X aka one part of The Acid aka that guy from this incredible touching music video who became insanely famous once the song could be heard in TV commercial is actually really a pretty good singer-songwriter - I mean, besides all that hype around his music right now.  And therefore he put out a new unmixed demo for a new song he just wrote. A very warming, cozy even, guitar song which is probably the perfect one to start a tired but sunny morning!

Finally, after a way too long time, the Canadian Producer and DJ Caribou is finally back with a new track and the announcement of a new album called “Our Love” which will be out in October this year. The first track is already nothing else but a hit single - Can’t Do Without You will definitely one track for this summer festival season.

Finally Jamie XX puts out another tune which will be released on a 12” Vinyl and digitally on May, 2nd. “Sleep Sound” is a wonderful, typical Jamie XX track that is perfectly fitting to the arriving spring time.

As spring is just around the corner, it’s time for an appropriate tune. And Giraffage’s Remix of “Don’t Wait”, originally from Mapei, is probably a good start for both, spring and this week!

London-based singer-songwriter Douglas Dare releases his debut album Whelm on Erased Tapes. With the piano at the core, Dare vocalises his short prose and poems to a backdrop of drums, electronics and brass.
The first glimpse on his new album gives us the first track he just put out on Soundcloud. Nile is a perfect example for the fascinating mixture of electronic and piano music and his beautiful voice. 

So February starts with a new track by newcomer Oceaan - lovely electronic/electronica soulful sound again.